Braeckman Single Grain Whisky - Single Cognac Cask - 10 years

Belgian Single Grain Whisky that matured in a single Cognac cask for 10 years and bottled at cask strength.


Belgian Single Grain Whisky, 59,6% vol, 50 cl

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Light gold.
  • Nose: Fruit and oak wood.
  • Taste: Warm and subtle spiciness, with vanilla, fresh fruits and oakiness.
  • Finish: Medium with fruity notes.


This Belgian single grain whisky is bottled at cask strength after a 10-year maturation in a single Cognac cask. The spiciness from our exclusive mix of rye and malted barley is calmed by the 10-year maturation in a Cognac cask.