Braeckman classic

Genever restored in its glory

Genever has a rich Belgian tradition and is our national distilled drink. The recent succession of different alcohol-related hypes has rather pushed traditional genever into the background. Thankfully, the recent renewed interest in fair and authentic products has put genever firmly back in the limelight. One of the last remaining ‘hot distillers’ in the country, Braeckman presents its revamped pure ‘classic’ range. Rediscover our age-old genever tradition and try our delicious cocktails.

The process

All our genevers in our ‘classic’ range are based on our own malt wine (grain distillate), which we distil from rye and malt. Loyal to the tradition, we still distil our malt wine in-house in the Braeckman grain distillery. This differentiates us from other genever producers. At Braeckman, we honour the old saying ‘from field to glass’. Our grain genevers are refined with our own herbal distillate, made from juniper berries and other aromatic herbs and spices.

Surprisingly versatile

The possibilities of Braeckman’s ‘classic’ genever range are limitless. Each genever has its own flavour profile, from fresh or spicy, to complex and mature. Their exceptional flavour characteristics are fully released when enjoyed neat, and they add an extra dimension to cocktails. See for yourself and try one of our delicious genever cocktails.

Blauwe Duif
Jenever Twist Tonic

Jonge Braeckman
Italian Style Jenever


Oude Braeckman
Jennifer Ale