Visit our familal distillery and find out more about our tradition.

Please do not hesitate do get in touch with us and experience our distilling process up close.

Taste the story of authentic genevers, gin and whisky: from milling grains untill the maturation. Our traditional distilling process, the pot still, the atmosphere, the craftsmanship…everything is authentic. Braeckman Distillery promises a warm welcome into the surroundings of the Flemish Ardennes.

We offer you a film « from grain to glass », a guided tour in the distillery followed by a tasting session.
  • Minimum 25 personnes - maximum 50 personnes
  • Durée: 90 min.
  • Prix: €10,00 par personne

Whisky tour

Whisky tour + Tasting

In this tour you get a detailed insight in the production process of our whisky. Find out how different flavours develop and what makes our whisky unique.

During the whisky tour a guide will lead you through the distillery and let you experience our artisanal production process of whisky. The tour starts with a short video, thereafter you will complete every step in the making process: from the milling to the maturation. After the tour, a tasting session takes place with our 4 different whiskies of the distillery.

Contact us to book this tour.

Please note our distillery offers limited accessibility for wheelchair users. There are stairs, for which we apologize.

Whisky tour
  • Minimum 12 persons - maximum 25 persons
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: €30,00 per person (Tasting 4 whiskies included)


Make Your Own Gin - Workshop

Find out more about gin, botanicals, distilling and make your own London Dry Gin. After a quick explanation about botanicals and distilling, you may put together your own mix of botanicals in group. Afterwards we will distil your mix of botanicals in our small still. Then, we will bring the distillate to the desired ABV by adding Oudenaarde’s pure spring water. Each participant receives a bottle (50cl) of their own distilled London Dry gin.

Contact us on if you are interested in this workshop.

  • Minimum 10 personnes - maximum 20 personnes
  • Durée: 4 heurs
  • Prix: €115,00 par personne